Scrap Metal: I Delete 99% of Inquiries

Too Many People Can't Do A Deal

My websites get 100+ visitors a day from the usual countries searching for scrap metal: USA, China, India, Pakistan, UAE, Singapore, Oman, UK, Malaysia, and so on.

Everyone writes the same thing: Wanted: HMS 1 & 2. Payment: LC. Inspection: SGS. Trained monkeys can write that. What scrap yard hasn’t heard that in the last 20 years?

I’ve read so many of these Form Field Messages I can profile who is a real and who isn’t. By Real, I mean who can actually do a scrap deal. Now I delete 99% of all inquiries on my website feedback form + delete 100% from Go4WorldBusiness and Alibaba.

If you want a professional reply include your Name, Company Name, eMail, Tel, Website, Grade Required, Tonnage Required, and Destination Port + a brief message identifying you as a Buyer or Trader? If Not:

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